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Quiet Interiors are UK Installers of Arcolis panels

The panels & baffles Arcolis® combined with the Barrisol range of membranes are 100% recyclable. Protecting and preserving the environment comes naturally to us. This explains the worldwide success of the brand and reinforces the exceptional reputation we have in over 110 countries. All of the many different systems of stretch ceilings and panels & baffles created by Barrisol® over the course of the last 50 years today form a genuine world: THE WORLD OF BARRISOL®.


Suitable for all requirements and locations, the wide range of Arcolis® panels is ideal for all spaces that require acoustic correction.

The panel is made of an aluminium structure and covered with polymer textile, PVC, mirror, glass textile (GTS®) or trans- parent film (Microsorber®) and can includes high-performance insulating material that increases the absortion of unwanted sounds.

Designed to be suspended, hung up, free-standing, or wall mounted, horizontally and vertically, each panel adapts to specific requirements and decors.

Its shape and size are only limited by your imagination.

Arcolis Standard Colours

Standard Artolis Colours

Quiet Interiors dedicated service to printed stretch wall and ceiling coverings. Our printed stretch designs for ceilings and walls give you the opportunity to get really creative.

Our service can help you to visualize your project by mapping the room, adapting the image depending on the surface, modifying colours and refining your design.

Printing on a stretch ceiling or wall is for everyone: craftsmen, stand makers, architects, designers and home owners alike. Our fabric is so versatile it can be used for stands, advertising, free standing frames or for furnishing spaces with canvasses, light boxes or acoustic screens. Let us bring your ideas to life!